Art of Culture War

from by Strife & Harmony

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Revolution always begins first in culture, in the free expression of ideas and concepts that have the power to shake the foundation of ignorance and apathy that the powerful rely upon to maintain their rule.

That's why art, literature, film, poetry, and music are so important because they have the potential to radicalize society through subverting dominant paradigms, negating the master's narrative and offering new ways of seeing and shaping the world .


Art's a Mirror
of Society Reflected
But it's also a Hammer
to Shape it in the Right Direction
Art's a Weapon
Poetry's a Weapon
Music's a Weapon

[Verse 1: Strife]
Art's a weapon
To be reckoned with
Watch, as I explode the myths of censorship
Self-expression's a loaded smith and wessun
Aimed at the oppressors chest
Musics a weapon to sew seeds and
Build connections
To transcend our helplessness
Cultures a weapon
To bring us together
To name our nemesis
Collective medicine
Against the greedy and decadent
Who gentrify everything
Homes for the wealthy
While the many sink
They Got no pity
Developer vultures
Swooped down on your city
Embezzled ya culture
Turn towns to yuppie playgrounds
Police assault you
Treat us like prey now
The rich are the poachers
The owners, trespassed on ya conscience
Jailed those with less cash
and walled off commons
Til you open wallets for implanted desires
Get panhandled by advertisers
the master’s violence was implicit
The tyrants raised the rent, we got evicted
They demonized the different for dividends
Still, we ain’t givin' in
To the state or big businesses
Cause they kissing cousins
Know the price of all things
But the value of nothing

[Hook: Strife]
I’ll Feed the Fires of Your Blazing Passion
Until We Rise like a Phoenix from the Ashes
Be Inspired to Create and Imagine
A Life Free of Slaves and masters (x3)

Strife from theories to practice
Alive with genius and madness

[Verse 2: Strife]
This songs for the crazies, the unruly misfits
The ones who amaze us and refuse to fit in
Those who see things different
whose flames leaders wanna extinguish
The round pegs in square holes
The powder kegs about to b-b-b-blow
The fiery dynamos of this world
No dreams deferred
We can’t quench our thirst
We keep the powerful on their toes
we share common foes
won’t follow biased rules
Double-standards, of the status quo
Hate getting micro-managed by this cast of fools
our existence is radical that’s the truth
what the fuck do we have to lose?
Hypocrites and their pious platitudes?
It’s the rich who have violent attitudes
It’s a class war, a culture war, a social war
So my vocals cords act as a focused sword
Slicing nooses that are choking the poor
Fear and greed are a hopeless cause
Do more than consume
Our fates to evolve
Create and explore
To move the human race forward

[Hook: Strife]
I’ll Feed the Fires of Your Blazing Passion
Until We Rise like a Phoenix from the Ashes
Be Inspired to Create and Imagine
A Life Free of Slaves and masters (x3)


from No Honor Among Kings, released September 1, 2012
Vocals by: Strife of Thought Crime Collective
Produced by: Rey Holliday
Mixed by: Jeremy Synthouse




Strife & Harmony Olympia, Washington



1. Heated dissension; conflict or clash.
2. A struggle, fight, or battle.
3. Contention or competition between rivals.
4. Contest, controversy, combat, warfare.
4. An omnipresent force that punctuates the evolutionary process.
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