By Any Means (ft. MKUltra)

from by Strife & Harmony

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"We declare our right on this earth to be human beings, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary. —Malcolm X, 1965


Hold up, I thought you knew by now
We revolutionaries until the cemetery
We gonna get free (x3)
By any means necessary
You didn't know?
Go read Malcolm X

[Verse 1: Strife Verse]
Rise up
Banks went bust
They stuck us up
People robbed
Left in the dust
Now we're bankrupt
We stay stuck, pray for luck
Blind, deaf, dumb
We heading towards collapse
At a fast pace
Capitalism's in
It’s last stage
Cataclysmic last days
We treat the earth
Like our ash tray
Go out the fast way
Expressing class rage
Make the past pay
Don't forget the recession
Or the bail-out
Don't be thankful
We’ve been fucked
The whole earth's a jail now
All space is for sale now
The poor get blamed if we fail now
Bullets hail down
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
When every inch of ground is privatized
Politicians caught in lies
Pigs keep us traumatized
Talking heads vomit lies
The rich split a rotten pie
Land and rights commodified

We're Taught Wants Not Needs
We're Taught to Flaunt Our Greed
Reclaim Your Self-Esteem
Defy Our Enemies
We Gon Get What We Need By Any Means (x4)

[Verse 2: MKUltra Verse]
Crooked cops in the streets yo, its due time
Getting caught in the heat stumble straight lines
Pig sties permeate state wide central power modified
Leviathan personified, sapien suicide modern life formaldehyde
Criticize ask why italicize, malice lies like work consume die
Goodbye what’s the fate of human kind let it die
Educative rap styles
Squad wild, weapons prowl
Surround foul police and hounds
Crowds hold it down team of goons
Shoot you down, loud rebels riot
Smash sounds, hoodies up masks down
Never snitch, never found
Never cower Vs. the power
In the final hour
Earth sours, upper class devour
Profits spike from the bomb shower
Red blood fertilized poppy flowers
Heroin flows out of golden triangles
Coming from many different angles
Guerilla tactics
Gats, boots, camos, hatchets
We attacking


from No Honor Among Kings, released September 1, 2012
Lyrics by: Strife & MKUltra of Thought Crime Collective
Produced by: Rey Holliday
Mixed by: Jeremy Synthouse




Strife & Harmony Olympia, Washington



1. Heated dissension; conflict or clash.
2. A struggle, fight, or battle.
3. Contention or competition between rivals.
4. Contest, controversy, combat, warfare.
4. An omnipresent force that punctuates the evolutionary process.
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