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Words from the heart.




What you risk determines what you value

Verse 1:

Shell-shocked I’ve been through protest warzones
Got battle-scars on my mind & more than a few broken bones
hit with night-sticks til I’ve bled spoken poems
Left in the cold and froze, STILL it ain’t over though
Don’t switch sides, Hit the frontlines, get off the ropes
The going gets rough, I’ll get tough, won’t just blow smoke
Put my body on the line, it’s do or die,
blow the chrome at those hording dough til the overthrow
While Suits & Ties, rule and divide,
Whose got control of your mind, you decide
I’m Risking life and limb for my beliefs
Never give up, never give in to corporate cannibal schemes
Defend the mountains, the seas, the animals, the trees
Fight for the poor, pigs closing the door,
We’re demanding the keys


Stand up
for what you believe In
Wake the fuck up,
we spent too long sleeping
Spray em up,
Wall Street Thieves left us bleeding,
Break the handcuffs,
Steal Back Your Freedom (x 2)

Verse 2:

I’m a man of integrity,
I won’t just let it be
We don’t hang together,
We’ll hang separately,
For revolt, I got the recipe
fight back collectively,
in the open and clandestinely
Outspoken til the death of me
Ya chokin,’
Give the rich a vasectomy
Soak em,
since they hijacked the necessities
Stole our lasting legacy,
aimed at our backs with weaponry
Left us to freeze horrendously
Shortened our life expectancy
Destroy self-esteem to control us mentally,
In the streets, on the job or in the penitentiaries
We’ve been getting robbed for motherfuckin' centuries
Once upon a time, we overthrew kings and dynasties
Now corporate tyrants rule behind the scenes quietly
They buy off politicians, and crush movements violently
Every dollar we give em, funds financial piracy,
They prey on passivity, twist the knife and fire me
Silence is complicity when the accrue property privately,
No room for accountability
They bury our urgency in the tomb of stability
So consumed with security you hand over your liberty
Free yourself from mental slavery, resist physically
The rich won’t surrender wealth willingly
toss the nobility in a guillotine, for their tyranny


Stand up
for what you believe In
Wake the fuck up,
we spent too long sleeping
Spray em up,
Wall Street thieves left us bleeding,
Break the handcuffs,
Steal Back Your Freedom (x 2)

Verse 3:

I’m a black block militant,
Wild & free-spirited
A hell-raising maverick, and a drastic lyricist
They’ll call me crazy and savage
cause I’m passionate and serious
An outcast inverting the fascist pyramid
A different cast of characters,
Pushing the master’s narrative
Don’t trust the markets heartless math we’ve inherited
I’m a truth-teller, a warrior, a rebel, why they fearin' this
I’m peerless, it’s blowback, spitting hard facts
Gotta think fast, theres a target on my back
Monopoly has spread, so I’ll go father than the rest cause
Property is theft, and now your martyrs are dead
Business is government, governments a business
Nothing left,
but a gun to our head
and a rope around our necks
They use our fear of violent death
To rule us till our dying breath,
I won’t stay silent in check,
I cheat the reaper laugh in death’s face,

Even when getting dragged to an early grave,
We got nothing to lose but our chains, and the world to gain (x 2)


from No Honor Among Kings, released September 1, 2012
All Lyrics by: Strife of Thought Crime Collective
Produced by: Rey Holliday
Mixed/Mastered by: Jeremy Synthouse




Strife & Harmony Olympia, Washington



1. Heated dissension; conflict or clash.
2. A struggle, fight, or battle.
3. Contention or competition between rivals.
4. Contest, controversy, combat, warfare.
4. An omnipresent force that punctuates the evolutionary process.
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