Night Of Love & Rage

from by Strife & Harmony

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Background for the Valentine's Day Uprising 2-14-2008:


"Night of Love and Rage"

Love is mutual aid carried into practice
Love is more than mere words, it’s actions
Love is the enemy of preconceptions and prejudice

Love is the highest evidence,
We don’t need mayors and senators
That peoples needs more important then the rights of creditors

Love is the defiler of establishment norms and laws
Love is the annulment of our marriage to alienations many flaws
Love is the conqueror of hopelessness and despondency
Love is the heightened awareness of one’s own capabilities

Love is not allowing your dreams be smothered
Love is the intensified compassion for others
Love is actualizing desire
Love is actually lighting fires

Love is defending a comrade till death
Love is fighting back, defying threats
Refusing to be ruled till your dying breath

Love is a challenge in fact,
A careful balancing act
Takes tons of talent and tact
To weigh the needs of the individual with those of the collective
And ensure that the earth’s rights are universally respected

Love is the soil where solidarity finds purchase
Love is disobeying when they say resistance is worthless

Love is overcoming the confines of ego
Love is the inescapable attraction of equals

When they slay the dove?

Who gets paid…

Who can afford to shrug?

My rage comes from a place of love

Whenever I spark upheaval,

Remember my hearts with the people


from No Honor Among Kings, released September 1, 2012
Vocals by: Strife of Thought Crime Collective
Produced by: Rey Holliday
Mixed by: Jeremy Synthouse




Strife & Harmony Olympia, Washington



1. Heated dissension; conflict or clash.
2. A struggle, fight, or battle.
3. Contention or competition between rivals.
4. Contest, controversy, combat, warfare.
4. An omnipresent force that punctuates the evolutionary process.
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