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"To thine own self be true, and as night follows the day thou can be false to no man." -Shakespeare (Hamlet Act 1, scene 3, 78–82)


"Stay True"

Verse 1:

Find the fire inside of me
Display my desires and
what inspires me
my hearts the only compass
that’s guiding me
I focus on my art single-mindedly
not on those despising me
cause my foes lied to me
Said we’re free in society
But the divide is steep
Gotta grind to eat
Or you die in these streets
Most stay quite and meak
But Not me (x2)
Reveal my mind and speak
smoke the finest weed,
dance w? revelry
Sail wide and deep
Across the 7 seas,
let’s get free collectively,
Our destiny
destroy the dollar diety
money brings bliss fleetingly
Connection with others
what we need to breath
So I Flow fluidly,
To pursue my dreams
I spit the truth lucidly
& no one will sign me,
Show the bigger picture in it’s entirety
I think too deeply, and I rhyme too fiery,
I get heated and irie
Yo, I’ll never go quietly,
I piss on your piety,
Leave this cold world firing

Verse 2:

In societal stencils
Fear of taking chances
Paralyzes potential,
Snuffs our creative spark,
Limits our mental angle
Til we don’t know where to start
Imagination strangled
They made us hate ourselves
And love their wealth
But falling short on this route
Drained minds and hollowed us out
Self-esteem destroyed by fears and doubts
There’s more to life than being someone else's cash cow
So don’t back down ya’ll
it’s not too late
Don’t listen to what liars say,
All Empires fade away
I’ll Inspire ya to grow and change,
The whole of society could be equally arranged
Don’t get stuck in place,
Don’t avoid or delay
Or ya might get sucked
Into the void and decay
Be daring and brave,
not scared and afraid
Voice ya rage,
Time to seize the day

Verse 3:

It’s non-fiction
As the plot thickens,
I think critical
but I spit optimistic
caught in this twisted prison
I Got no inihibitions
Use my guts & intuition
Cause the clock is ticking
The sands are shifting
our potentials infinite
Manifest a vision of resistance
A world without the poor getting charged out of existence
Not a place where victors play the victim
Hiding hate behind a fiction of innocence
leave no stone unturned
no task unfinished since
Time waits for no one
no matter how vigilant
These capitalist left a void,
So I’m filling it
their house of cards,
I’m flippin it
Even if I gotta put a hit on big business, shit
Only got one life, I’ll live it to the fullest
No lies or gimmicks ya’ll... I’ll bite the bullet


from No Honor Among Kings, released September 1, 2012
Vocals by: Strife of Thought Crime Collective
Produced by: Rey Holliday
Mixed by: Jeremy Synthouse




Strife & Harmony Olympia, Washington



1. Heated dissension; conflict or clash.
2. A struggle, fight, or battle.
3. Contention or competition between rivals.
4. Contest, controversy, combat, warfare.
4. An omnipresent force that punctuates the evolutionary process.
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